Photo Gallery

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Halloween Fireworks, October 31, 2009.

Easter Egg Hunt, April 10, 2009.


















































































Snowy Glenayre

December 2009.

Neighbourhood Igloo building on Christmas Eve

Anyone for dinner on the deck?


Christmas lights competition

Lighting up a real white Christmas!

Won in 2008 by the Stinson family on Garrow Drive. Congratulations!

We will be capturing community association action in pictures for use on the web site. If you see our cameras, be sure to smile! If you would prefer us not to use photographs of you and your family, please contact one of our executive members and we would be happy to honour your request.


Got any photos of recent events? If you 'd like them published here, please get the permission of any subjects in your photo, and then email them to us (in compressed format please) at: