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The GCA Community Engagement Survey asked for your ideas about new events and you expressed interest in a local walking group. Our community members would like to form a walking group for scheduled or impromptu neighbourhood and Burnaby Mountain walks. If you’d like to participate or be involved in leading this group, please CONTACT US to be added to walking group communications.


Some residents have received calls from someone claiming to be with FortisBC to ask when people are home so they can do a meter check that requires them to have access to turn the gas valve in the house. They may be casing your home to check out when you may or may nor be around or to get access into your home to look around.

FortisBC was contacted today by a GCA representative and they confirmed that they do not see such a service request for this area.

Fraudsters, scammers or companies using high-pressure tactics will sometimes contact you by pretending to be an employee or representative of FortisBC. From suspicious phone calls, texts and phishing emails to social media posts, or even people knocking on your door, we want you to be aware of the types of fraud or scams out there and what you can do to protect yourself and your personal information - please review FortisBC: Protecting yourself from scams and fraud

Your security and privacy are very important to FortisBC. If you receive a suspicious visit, email or sales call, contact FortisBC immediately at 1-888-224-2710 or email


Last night there were cars broken into on Weldon Court. We do not have any further details at this time.

Remember to lock your vehicle and close the windows. Remove everything from sight. Leave nothing in your vehicle to steal.

We need our residents to be the eyes of our neighbourhood:

  • If you observe a suspicious person or circumstances you believe to be related to criminal activity, please call the police immediately at Port Moody Police Non-Emergency at 604-461-3456.


ICBC provides information on how to help protect your vehicle by identifying risks and taking away opportunities for thieves: PREVENTING AUTO CRIME

21 Apr 2022: Spring is HERE!!! Time to prep our yards & gardens!!

GCA presents Spring Gardening Tips 2022

Here are some cultivated gardening tips and information about bee keeping.

SOS (Save our Soil)!!

Although our neighbourhood is not on agricultural land, when you add up all the properties in Glenayre, how we choose to keep our properties collectively can make a difference. Please take a look at this presentation about a global problem: SOIL DEGRADATION

10 Apr 2022: GCA Scholarship 2022 applications are now open!

Do you live in Glenayre? Are you graduating from high school in the spring of 2022? Do you plan to attend an accredited post-secondary institution? The GCA is continuing its scholarship tradition with a competition for $1,000.00 towards post-secondary education. The GCA Scholarship 2022 application process lays out the specific requirements. The application deadline is April 28 at 11:59 PM. Best of luck to all applicants!

09 Apr 2022:

Easter Egg Hunt - IT’S BACK! We are thrilled to announce that we are kicking off the Easter long weekend with our traditional Easter Egg Hunt at Art Wilkinson Park on Friday, April 15 at 10:30 AM. Please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the event, bring an Easter basket for holding chocolates, and don’t forget some cash or a cheque to pay your annual dues.

Easter & Mother's Day Fundraiser for GCA - new to the Easter Egg Hunt this year, and just in time for Mother’s Day, we have a nice selection of handmade Bayong Bags for sale in a variety of sizes and styles. These beautiful handbags are crafted by artists from different regions of the Philippines, providing income to underprivileged local artisans. Prices range up to $75 per item, and 20% of your purchase will be credited to the GCA. Payment by cash or cheque accepted. More information at


  • There is a Port Moody City-Wide Garage Sale on April 23, 2022 - find detailed address listings and a map showing locations of garage sales and locations that are also giving away gently used goods.

  • The City of Port Moody has a subscribe page for News, Alerts, Events, Council & Committees, Public Engagement and Recreation. You can chose any or all of these topics to get up-to-date information!

02 Apr 2022 - Share your thoughts: Our transportation system, climate change & climate impacts

The City of Port Moody is updating TransPort Moody, the Master Transportation Plan (MTP) in response to new climate targets set in the CoPM Climate Action Plan as well as new provincial greenhouse gas emission mitigation targets. What Big Moves can we make as a community to better adapt our transportation system to climate change and lessen future climate impacts? We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas to help us plan the actions we will take together! Visit the TransPort Moody: Climate Action Update project page at to:

    • learn more about the project and ask questions;

    • register for our webinar — join us on April 7, 2022, from 5pm to 7pm to learn more about the Climate Action Update;

    • take our community survey by April 22, 2022; and

    • share your big idea — we're looking for bold and ambitious ideas that could help us meet our climate goals faster.

An important part of this update is hearing from people with diverse perspectives about their experiences living in Port Moody and your feedback will help inform the drafting of our Big Moves. Visit today to participate. Thank you for taking the time to engage with our community!

16 March 2022 - Tru Earth Fundraiser March 17-20, 2022

GCA has partnered with local company Tru Earth for fundraising. From March 17th to the 20th, Tru Earth will donate 20% of every order made through our referral link to the GCA: Additionally, you can save 15% with the discount code springbreak15 ! If you are interested in their eco-friendly detergent and household supplies, please consider visiting this site!

11 February 2022:

WELCOME!! The GCA Executive would like to welcome two new members: Maria Venida is our new secretary and Mark Florkow as our new treasurer. Thank you Maria and Mark! We would also like to thank Jackson who is the new newsletter delivery person for Foress Drive.

Please check out this website's menu bar for the GCA Local Business Fundraising page for some new offers from local businesses that support the GCA with a rebate from any sales.

GCA Community Engagement Survey - the GCA Executive has put together an on-line community engagement survey that takes less than five minutes to complete. We would like your opinion on several topics! Rate the current events we offer like the fireworks. Let us know your thoughts on fundraising and association fees like the increase to $25.00. We would also like your ideas for fun new activities or events you would like to see added to our current festivities. The survey is only open during the month of March so please go to this link to share your feedback: GCA Community Engagement Survey Results coming later this spring.

Who lives in Glenayre? To better understand our neighbourhood and make sure our events are aligned with our residents, the executive has compiled some basic census data specific to Glenayre: Glenayre Demographics 2021. Did you ever wonder how many people in Glenayre share your age group, the average household income or household expenditures of our residence? Get to know our neighbourhood even more!

Group Heat Pump Purchase Rebate: our neighbour Derek Wilson is initiating a Green Glenayre program. If you would like information about the group heat pump group purchase program and other rebates offered through CleanBC, please check out these links to further details about these programs:

If you think one of these programs might be a good fit for you, please call or email Derek at 604-936-7423 or to find out more and join the group. If enough people show interest, Derek will set up a zoom meeting for everyone to discuss next steps. The group may qualify for $250 - $500 in savings and help reduce your carbon footprint.

As with any major purchase, the GCA Executive reminds residents to always consider obtaining a second opinion/quote to ensure your specific situation and needs are being met.


NEW: Tri-City News - 10 May 2022 - no community garden in Glenayre!

Art Wilkinson Park Community Garden - UPDATE - 03 Mar 2022

Tri-City News 29 Jan 2022

Art Wilkinson Park Community Garden - UPDATE - 26 Jan 2022

Art Wilkinson Park Community Garden - UPDATE - 23 Jan 2022

Art Wilkinson Park Community Garden - UPDATE - 15 Jan 2022

Art Wilkinson Park Community Garden - UPDATE - 14 Jan 2022:

Despite clear opposition based on the survey results and a recommendation from staff that the City should look elsewhere, the Mayor and Council has voted to proceed with the community garden anyway. We strongly encourage you to contact the mayor and council if you have concerns about this. The GCA Executive has reached out to the mayor to find out why they conducted a survey and then chose to proceed regardless of the concerns from our residents. To be clear, the executive is not opposed to the community garden program, it is the loss of park space which is critical to the health and well being of our youth we feel is unacceptable. Keep an eye on for further information as this evolves.

Survey results: “Most people (60%) were not in favor of a community garden at Art Wilkinson Park. 31.9% said yes, with 7.6% not sure.”

City of Port Moody provided additional information at

PLEASE share your concern or opinion at with mayor and council at:

2021 October 21 - Garden Plots

Last spring there was a push from the City of Port Moody to use part of our Art Wilkinson Park for Community Garden plots. After realizing that redevloping park space is not something you rush into without a plan, the City decided to hold off. They are still interested in proceeding and they want to do it right. The City is currently seeking input regading their plan to guage the level of support and interest. Pleas take the time to visit the CoPM website at to learn more about what they are planning. The online community survery closed on October 11, 2021, and so far over 100 response were submitted. You can still provide your feedback via mail by sending your written responses to: Robbie Nall 3250 Murray Street Port Moody, BC V3H 1X8.


Last night there were 4 car thefts and 7 other cars vandalized in Glenayre. We do not have any further details at this time.

Please remember to contact the police to report any suspicious activity you may see: call Port Moody Police Non-Emergency at 604-461-3456.

If you witness something in progress or if it just occurred (5-7 minute delay), please call 911.

ICBC provides information on how to help protect your vehicle by identifying risks and taking away opportunities for thieves: PREVENTING AUTO CRIME

Those used masks in your jacket pocket/car door/gym bag/backpack should NOT end up in a recycling cart.



#NOPEvember #recycleright #RecycleBC

20 Dec 2021: Glenayre Christmas Lights 2021 Winner is...

809 Coylton Place! Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you to the Kovalchuk family for donating their winnings back to the Glenayre Community Association. You have set the bar and you embody what makes Glenayre such a fantastic neighbourhood.

We would also like to give an honorable mention to 964 Garrow Drive, 908 Dundonald Drive and 972 Weldon Court. We all appreciate your efforts.

Thanks to everyone who participated in decorating their homes this year, thanks for brightening up the holidays, we can share a sense of pride to see how many of our residents participate in all our festivities.

30 November 2021: Welcome to our GCA Executive 2022

President Sean Ogilvie

Vice President Kelly Staples

Past President Mike Fricker



Directors Leslie Evans Ogden, Barbara Junker, Warren Lyne, Nadine Rowat, Derek Webb

01 NOV 2021: REMINDER - GCA Annual General Meeting 04 November 2021 @ 7:00 PM

Meeting is at the Glenayre Community Centre at 492 Glencoe Dr, Port Moody. This yearly meeting is the time when we make important decisions for the GCA and inform our members of previous and future activities.

We have three vacancies on the GCA Executive.

All attendees are required to wear a mask when entering and leaving the centre, and we respectfully ask that attendees wear their masks during the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM - please join us!

28 October 2021 - The SPOOKIEST House in Glenayre

Ghostly Greetings! GCA Executive members will be patrolling the streets on their brooms this Friday and Saturday searching for the Spookiest House in Glenayre!!! Get into the spirit and help make Glenayre spook-tacular.

**The Grand Prize Winner will receive a fang-tastic $50.00 prize**

It looks like we will have a boo-tiful dry Halloween so please watch out for our little pumpkins, ghosts and goblins on the streets. Happy Hauntings one and all!!

Please note there will be no fireworks in the school yard this year.

2021 August 10 - Bear Essentials

Glenayre has numerous bear sightings over the summer walking through our neighbourhood and going into residents' yards. Together we can help our community harmoniously share this habitat with bears and be good neighbours to wildlife. Preventing conflict with bears is a community-wide responsibility and the best way to keep both people and bears safe is to manage attractants.

Please click on these City of Port Moody links for Bear Essentials and 7 tips to keep people and bears safe to learn more about how to avoid attracting bears and what to do if you encounter a bear. Manage wildlife attractants to avoid a $500 fine!

If you see a bear in your neighbourhood or park, report it to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277. This maps bear encounters, which is essential in education and enforcement efforts before an animal becomes dependent on human-supplied sources of food.

2021 August 10 - Our neighbourhood renewal project is APPROVED!

Port Moody was given approval for the Glenayre Community Association to replace our signboard on Ailsa Avenue! The GCA would like to thank Glenayre resident Harald Kullmann who has graciously offered to provide the structural engineer design review and approval for our sign. There are a few more steps before the work can begin and we will update you as the process unfolds. We are almost there!

2021 July 13 - GCA is looking for your assistance with a neighbourhood renewal project!

The Glenayre Community Association (GCA) submitted a proposal to the City of Port Moody (CoPM) to replace our signboard located on the corner of Ailsa Avenue and Glenayre Drive, which is on CoPM property. The proposed signboard design was obtained from a local sign business and the GCA is working with the CoPM regarding the potential installation. The CoPM is reviewing this request and will develop a process for when community organizations like ours want to put a signboard on city property. The CoPM's approval process requires the signboard design be reviewed and approved by a structural engineer. This is a typical requirement for larger, non-standard, structures on public property.

Our request: the GCA is reaching out to our neighbourhood members to see if there is a resident structural engineer who would be willing to provide this design review and approval service at a low-or-no cost. If you are interested or have further questions about this request, please contact GCA president Mike Fricker at