Announcements 2021

2021 October 21 - Garden Plots

Last spring there was a push from the City of Port Moody to use part of our Art Wilkenson Park for Community Garden plots. After realizing that redevloping park space is not something you rush into without a plan, the City decided to hold off. They are still interested in proceeding and they want to do it right. The City is currently seeking input regading their plan to guage the level of support and interest. Pleas take the time to visit the CoPM website at to learn more about what they are planning. The online community survery closed on October 11, 2021, and so far over 100 response were submitted. You can still provide your feedback via mail by sending your written responses to:

Robbie Nall

3250 Murray Street

Port Moody, BC

V3H 1X8.

2021 August 10 - Bear Essentials

Glenayre has numerous bear sightings over the summer walking through our neighbourhood and going into residents' yards. Together we can help our community harmoniously share this habitat with bears and be good neighbours to wildlife. Preventing conflict with bears is a community-wide responsibility and the best way to keep both people and bears safe is to manage attractants.

Please click on these City of Port Moody links for Bear Essentials and 7 tips to keep people and bears safe to learn more about how to avoid attracting bears and what to do if you encounter a bear. Manage wildlife attractants to avoid a $500 fine!

If you see a bear in your neighbourhood or park, report it to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277. This maps bear encounters, which is essential in education and enforcement efforts before an animal becomes dependent on human-supplied sources of food.

2021 August 10 - Our neighbourhood renewal project is APPROVED!

Port Moody was given approval for the Glenayre Community Association to replace our signboard on Ailsa Avenue! The GCA would like to thank Glenayre resident Harald Kullmann who has graciously offered to provide the structural engineer design review and approval for our sign. There are a few more steps before the work can begin and we will update you as the process unfolds. We are almost there!

2021 July 13 - GCA is looking for your assistance with a neighbourhood renewal project!

The Glenayre Community Association (GCA) submitted a proposal to the City of Port Moody (CoPM) to replace our signboard located on the corner of Ailsa Avenue and Glenayre Drive, which is on CoPM property. The proposed signboard design was obtained from a local sign business and the GCA is working with the CoPM regarding the potential installation. The CoPM is reviewing this request and will develop a process for when community organizations like ours want to put a signboard on city property. The CoPM's approval process requires the signboard design be reviewed and approved by a structural engineer. This is a typical requirement for larger, non-standard, structures on public property.

Our request: the GCA is reaching out to our neighbourhood members to see if there is a resident structural engineer who would be willing to provide this design review and approval service at a low-or-no cost. If you are interested or have further questions about this request, please contact GCA president Mike Fricker at