Aerial Photos


Prior to the start of development.

Mt. Royal Dr. and Seaview Dr. appear on the right side of the photo.

Chapman Ave., in Coquitlam, has acreages along the south side.


Glenayre Elementary School is under construction at the centre of the photograph.

The long shadow of the water tower is visible toward the upper right hand side of this photograph (at Glenayre and Glencoe), where the Port Moody Fire Hall #2 is today.

Ailsa Ave is connected to Chapman Ave at the bottom right hand side of the photograph.


Glenayre Elementary School has been completed.

All the homes have been built within the Glencoe-Ailsa loop.

The water tower remains in service.

The western part of the neighbourhood is still covered in forest.


Only Foress Drive in the northwest corner of the community remains as forest.

Glenayre Elementary School has its playing fields fully landscaped.

The water tower remains in service.

The small building immediately north of the school in this photo on what is now part of Art Wilkinson Park is the United Church.

The Kinsmen swimming pool in Ailsa Park, immediately south of the school, is visible. This is near today's spray park.

All photos were taken for the Government of Canada Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys, and sourced from the Geographic Information Centre of the Department of Geography at UBC.

Our thanks to neighbour Derek Wilson for obtaining these digital images and interpretations.