Crime Watch

Post date: Dec 7, 2011 6:47:56 AM

Chief Parker reports that crime trends are down in the College Park/Glenayre area. But let us not relax our vigilance – ‘Opportunity makes the thief’. A purse left in a car or ladders left outside are both opportunities to make a thief and make you a victim.

The PMPD website has home protection suggestions.If you are going on vacation you can complete a VPR(vacant property report) for additional protection. It will become available on line soon; in the meantime call the PM Police station for information at 604-461-3456.

It has been reported that when there is a bottle drive in our area – there is also an elderly woman (who apparently doesn’t speak English) taking some of the bottles left out. She also will go into back yards and carports to pick up bottles. She has been told several times not to do this. If you see her you can call PM Police. Remember: "No call too small!!"