Getting What You Wish For

Post date: Feb 29, 2012 6:23:46 AM

This is a guest post from Carmela Thomson, a resident of Glenayre.

February 26, 2012: Carmela's Breast Friends Network: Local Hair Shearing supporting Breast Cancer Research - we believe in giving where we live!

Email send to support Breast Cancer Research - Sent February 26, 2012

To my family, friends, neighbors and colleagues,

Today (February 26, 2012) my husband, Todd, will be shearing his locks to support the de-foliage of my locks (already complete) and in support of Breast Cancer Research

This personal event coincides with the end of the soccer season and will be witnessed and executed by the Port Moody Soccer team that Todd coaches and the team that my older son, Graeme, plays on (the Port Moody Titans).

The Soccer Team challenge: Todd has proposed to his soccer team that, instead of a year-end coaches gift, each player donate $20 if Todd will brush cut his hair (he has never done this before as he still has a full head of hair in his 40’s!) and, if there are enough donations of an addition $10 per player, he would shave all his hair off. 

The Verdict is….Between his soccer team and his squash buddies, the verdict is in….it is all coming off:o)

Your Challenge:  Support Breast Cancer Research by considering to donate toward this event or creating your own event (e.g. through your own sports teams (my other son’s (Iain),  basketball team is looking to have their coach’s (coach Marc) hair shorn as well in the near future, the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer -- my sister Maria and my colleague Matt are both riding in this event – I can provide details to their fund raising efforts if this is a good option for you).  You can provide your donations directly to Todd or I, or you can provide your intention to donate by responding to this email until we find a better way of collecting the donations. 

Please forward this onto your network of family, friends, neighbors, teams and colleagues (if you are comfortable doing so).  I will also post this on my blog (with pictures are located in the facebook link below):

I have to admit that my husband's head does not look all that bad - he seems to be a pretty hansome bald guy from my vantage point:o)

Things to note:

·         In our community: In our Port Moody Glenayre neighborhood of around 500 houses there are at least 4 families living through Breast Cancer or surviving through Breast Cancer (including my family).  This does not include anyone I do not know about and others in the neighborhood that are living or surviving through other cancers. I will do more research on this as bringing this close to home and understanding how we can “Give where we Live” will be that much more meaningful.

·         Early detection for Breast Cancer and any Cancer is key to decreasing invasive and costly treatments, recurrence and mortality – we will want the donations focused on research that can detect cancers as early as possible!

·         Philanthropy: In working for a great company like TELUS, we have a great “Give where we Live” program that emulates our intentions to bringing home how we can directly help in and through our communities.  I am very proud to work for a company like TELUS that supports our communities and provides awesome telecommunications and health services (yes TELUS has successfully merged with a few health care companies over the last number of years that support many health issues including e.Health options).  TELUS also supports Breast Cancer research and many other worthwhile not-for profit/charitable organizations through our well known philanthropic philosophy and focus. I will explore avenues on how we may be able obtain additional support from TELUS using any donations we receive through this fund raising effort – I will keep you posted on my progress here.  (Disclaimer: I in no way place any obligation on TELUS to support as this is our effort to support Breast Cancer research – any support from TELUS will be after the fact and completely voluntary).

·         All donations will be given to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Let’s really make Breast Cancer history through our local community!!

My Best,

Carmela Thomson Think Pink   

Live Strong, Be Strong