Neighbourhood News

Post date: Sep 21, 2012 8:24:48 PM

Welcome to Fall

Children go back to school. Older students changing to Middle & High Schools; going to University, Technical Schools, getting jobs.  All enthusiastic with their new schedules. A reminder to please slow down to our Glenayre speed limit of 30km/h to keep them safe.

Noisy Dogs

There have been a couple of complaints about dogs barking incessantly. Don’t know if owners of barking dogs realize that there is a by-law#1399 that defines a dog barking by the following:

The sound made by a dog barking, howling or creating any kind of sound continually or sporadically or erratically for any period in excess of ½ hour in time.

If you think you have this problem, you can call the by-law enforcement department in PM City Hall and get information as to how to proceed to rectify the situation.