Call for Volunteers

Post date: Sep 17, 2013 7:35:33 PM

Brett Evoy, an active member of our community, was tragically killed in traffic last week. Carmela Thompson asked us to help spread the following message:

To our amazing Glenayre Community.

On Behalf of Svetlana, her sons Thomas and Lucas and Brett’s family, we wish to thank you for your amazing support and well wishes so far.

As we prepare for the post funeral reception this Friday, September 20th (see funeral details below), we know that many of you are looking for ways to help out.  In the spirit of giving and supporting the Evoys, we are in need of either food or cash donations that can support the food that is required for the post funeral reception that will be held at the Glenarye Community Centre. 

The details of what we need are listed on the “Lots of Helping Hands: Helping the Evoys” site that Patty Hira has set up.  Here is the link:

Once you register, follow these instructions to identify what you would like to volunteer/support:

Funeral Details

Your ongoing support of the Evoy family as they move through this difficult time is very much appreciated.